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Before you even step onboard, we have you, your custom tailored charter, and your personal comfort in mind. We individually design your personalized outing for you based on what you are looking for, to bring you the perfect charter. When you are happy and on vacation there is nothing better. 

Our mission is to provide each person, from the most experienced anglers to the ones getting their first bite, with the most exciting, most beautiful, and the safest charter imaginable. It wouldn't be Mother Nature if it was 100% predictable. 

Our seasoning in this climate has taught us to develop contingency plans for those days and we have extensive experience to ensure you and your guests safety. Your security is at the top of our list and at any time you feel your charter needs to go in, we can turn back and make our way to the dock.

In recent years there has been a large increase in the amount of data available, and it is important what you do with that information.

The Crew takes scientific evidence into account when selecting each lure. That same love for the sea is also given when deciding which runs they will make for you based on your Charter needs.

We use: local fishing patterns and statistical Catch data, weather-forecasting, moon and tidal charts, gps tracking of all of our runs with markers from recent activity we have had, and sonar radars. To add to that, Captain Bagwell has more than 50 years experience and 20 years experience in the deep blue waters surrounding The Big Island of Hawaii. All of our knowledge and expertise is committed to making your charter everything you want it to be.

From all of us on the Silky, let's get out there where the world is simple and beautiful - have some fun in the sun, enjoy the days, and be thankful for them. 

Silky Sportfishing

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